“Hudson River Quiessence”

5’X7’ Giclee on linen canvas.


Price: $1,700

Prompt Delivery.

I painted this when I was age 17 (1967). It took three months. It is an impressionist view of the Hudson River Palisades from my family home. (Original: Griggs Collection, Hawaii.

To order a Giclee print on linen canvas, write me, Thomas McCain

Email: nipponforest@aol.com



“Mist and Rocks in France.”

Price $1,700

Gic lee on linen canvas

Size: 5’ X 5’ approx.

Prompt Delivery

Far right, The Chelsea Wind Harp I built at age 19/20. I have a new one designed for Nikko, Japan.

Right: you can see some of the “fiddlehead” fern-shaped string holders I hand-forged by pounding steel rods into these shapes on an old blacksmith’s  wood-stoked forge. Originally recorded as a double-album by United Artists Records in 1972. Remastered digitally as a  CD. See below. Write to me at nipponforest@aol.com.

“The wind plays the 86 strings and the “music” is

so ethereal...”

I painted this at age 15  when I lived in a small village, Saverne, France and painted this for three months while living alone in a barn on a mountainside a honey farmer allowed me to stay in. I bought paints from nearby Strasbourg in Germany.

I drew this after

my 3 trips to China 2003-2004.

“Sechuan/China Girl”

Size: 1.5’ X 1.5 ‘

Colored Pencil

Cost: $700. Unframed

Giclee Reproduction.

Prompt Delivery.

Order: nipponforest@aol.com


“Ken’s Friend” 2005

Colored pencil.

I drew this for a friend whose dog passed away.

An example of work

I do from pet photographs.This

took me more than a month,

working daily. I was happy that I felt the dog’s eyes really seemed alive. To order a Giclee reproduction of this artwork on high-quality art paper,  please contact  me:


BELOW “Grace Park” 2002

Size: 14” X 17” approx

Colored pencil.

Cost: $900  (12 only available)

Giclee on fine French drawing paper.


“Ryoko Mitake” 2000

Colored Pencil

Giclee on high quality

art paper. Unframed.

Size: 1.5 feet X 1.3 feet approx

Colored pencil.

Cost; $700

Prompt delivery.

Note: My drawing is the one

with the birch trees because I know she likes trees, hiking and forests. The left image is the original photo taken in a subway station.. She later became a famous Tokyo magazine model.

I was living in Nikko

Japan at the time, alone, drawing and painting.  This portrait took one month.

Mejiro, Tokyo, 2009  near the school we founded and ran before moving to Hawaii.

BELOW: Our daughters Huri and Samira.


I  also do fine portraiture work. People and sometimes animals/pets sometimes on a commission basis and sometimes I have chosen my own subjects. Here are four artworks that  are available for sale as Giclee reproductions, highest quality on imported highest

quality art paper.

Apppraised in Japan at $60.000 (¥6 million). Original not for sale.

Highest quality “giclee” reproductions on linen canvas available.

Appraised in Japan at $90.000 (¥9 million).


by T. Ward McCain

The Chelsea, Vermont

                Wind Harp

Listen to an audio clip of the CD. Click on album cover

on the bar below.

If you would like a wind harp

(new design) built in your country, please write me: nipponforest@aol.com.

Tel: USA/Hawaii   808-238-0789


TRANSLATION English ><Japanese & Chinese

Nozawa Translation Services offers translation from/to these two languages.
Our staff includes: Kana Nozawa and a Chinese staff colleague. We are both BA/MA level educated and extremely fluent  in both English and our native languages and professional translators over ten years.  We specialize in LEGAL documents but also do “general/other” translation needs. Our translation work is the very highest quality available. 
Please CLICK HERE for more information.

33 yrs experience as a professional journalist, writer and editor and managing editor. I will edit/upgrade/polish/proof any document.... legal, public talk, essay assignment or book.

I have been a professional writer/editor and journalist for 30 years. Excellent writer. Education: Columbia University, Bennington College.  Conscientious, caring service, reasonable rates. (Hundreds of articles published. Samples upon request.) RESUME CLICK HERE

Email: nipponforest@aol.com

Editing Writing Proofreadng by Thomas McCain





I met the South Korean golfer Grace Park in 2001 before she had become super famous, when she played in a tournament on the Big Island near where I was living. After she finished, there were no crowds and she was walking around peacefully.... So, I spoke with her and asked her if I could photograph her  and draw her portrait. She said “Fine” and we chatted a bit. She is very serious and intense when she is playing, but off the course, very genuine, cheerful, courteous and  outgoing.” -Thomas


A new digital high quality CD remastered from the original 1972 United Artists Records double-album vinyl record release. UA recorded it over a four-day period, capturing most of the tones produced as the 86 strings of varying gauges reverberated the big redwood sounding box.

CD remastered by Roark Barron, a harpist and  his son, an audio engineer.

Comes in a “jewel case” with front photo and personal message on back side about the construction of the harp written by me.

4 tracks. 80 min.

Cost: $25 (includes packing and postage to USA. PayPal or personal check.

Simply email me, Thomas Ward McCain with your mailing address: nipponforest@aol.com

and I will send your CD right away.  My mailing address is: BOX 38-3122, Waikoloa, HI 96738.


     reetings from  Thomas and Kana.                                                 January 2015         

Five years have flown by since leaving beloved Japan for this island in the Pacific,

Big Island. Kana has climbed in the hotel management field to manager of Asian Guest Services at Mauna Lani Bay and Bungalows Hotel. In March

2012, Kana bought a magnificent home in Waikoloa Village. We expected our daughters Huri and Samira would soon join us but they finally decided to continue education in Japan. Thus began a 3-year adventure re-landscaping, remodeling this giant home for sale one day.... which is now upon us..... Other than doing some professional editing/writing, I have been focused primarily on the immense task of 

          landscaping.... Japanese temple grasses, black bamboo, pathways,

          stone staircases, flora, ferns and Asian accents. Kana dramatically

          transformed the interior with Italian marbles, stylish new flooring and luxury 

         appointments.  We are well and happy and send love to all.

      MY NEW TEL: 857 206 3466    EMAIL: nipponforest@aol.com


Dawn. November 1, 2008 . Lake Chuzenji, Nikko, Japan.

This lake is the highest lake in Japan and “discovered” by a Japanese hermit/monk Shoto  in 1273 AB (After Buddha) in the Nara-Heian Period of Japan.

The mountain in the photo is Mt. Nantai, considered to be home of Kami, Spirits, and the mountain is sacred to Japanese. Climbers are allowed to hike to the top on a rough trail only once a year.  There is a small stone Shinto shrine there.

I lived in Nikko, a temple village near this lake for a year and this area of Japan and its

forests and peace are very dear to me.


PLEASE email me at: nipponforest@aol.com if you wish to purchase a high-resolution Giclee reproduction on fine

linen canvas of any of the above artworks

or commission an original new work.


NEW DESIGN TO SUIT YOUR LOCATION... on personal property, commercial venue, park, nature reserve etc....

I will design/build it so it “blends” into local topography and tailor it to your personal aesthetic sensibilities.. too........Please write me at nipponforest@aol.com or call 808 238-0789.

    FYI:  My Nikko, Japan wind harp I have long been working on to bring into manifestation...succeeded through all the bureaucratic hurdles and approved by Mayor, Prefecture and Village Elders Council and was set to go on Federal Forest Land.... but now is “on hold” indefinitely as the town struggles through financial tsunami setbacks... So I am quite free now for any new invitation....Love to discuss any query... You will be heartened I know that I never did, nor do, wind harp making with a “profit motive”...so you will find me very amenable to keeping costs at a minimum and make it happen.  Let’s make it thinkable... To this day, I receive letters from visitors who hiked up a hill to my 1971 Wind Harp in Chelsea, Vermont. Somehow, seeing/hearing Nature/wind “playing” a harp is such a joyous uplifting experience....

      Lake Chuzenji, Nikko, Japan



Designed and built by Thomas McCain and James Acker.   Mauritius ’96-’99. Deep royal blue clay/kiln fired earth glazed tiles imported from Sechuan, China.  24-karat gold plated 2-foot spires. One-foot thatch lower roof. Stone-fitted staircase took four master stone layers 5 months to craft. Predominant wood is Indonesian teak. Surrounded by a lake and mago forest. Cost: $3 US million. We did all the fundraising as well. It formed the centerpiece gathering pavilion for a 7-acre public, botanical park – lakes, performing arts staging areas, thousands of flora, trees  rare bamboos and waterfalls and pathways..even an “enchanted maze garden” with a British wishing-well (if you could find it.) Dedicated to the youth of Mauritius in a 1999 Opening Ceremony.